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Keep calm and focus on what you CAN do!

Across the world, people are adjusting to a new reality due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How is Focus Group approaching this situation?

Our Chinese operations have done a fantastic job during the epidemic and have stayed in operation apart for one week with a combination of home-based office and a positive can-do mindset. Their experiences are now an asset to our operation in Norway.

Status of Focus Group operations:

  • Norway: 100%
  • China: 100%
  • Vietnam: 100%

So far, our days in home-based offices in Norway have been pretty much business as usual. Why? We benefit from our systems in the cloud and our “black belt” -status in online meeting technology and culture. We do this every day the rest of the year with colleagues, clients and suppliers around the world. In many ways we can work even more efficiently, wearing our headsets and skipping the commute to work – but we do miss Carstens jokes around the coffee machine and Frank’s volcano laughter!

Our projects are running, or meetings are held and after Easter, we welcome a new engineer colleague. Our chat-function on focus-group.no is stacked up with engineers ready to reply to your questions during office hours (08.00-16.00). Digital presence is important to us!

Needless to say, we are monitoring the situation closely – keeping track of our staff around the globe as well as following the guidance from local health officials and the Norwegian Health Institute (Folkehelseinstituttet). We have a vision to provide services with care and excitement. We have regular meetings to discuss the situation for each employee and their family’s well-being. The excitement is definitely present in our work and with the support of our valued suppliers and professional clients we will take extra care in our work and in our surroundings.

Thanks to the support of the Focus Groups community of clients, suppliers and staff, we keep calm and carry on – and do all that we CAN do!


Best Regards and with the best intentions,

Tore Bjørkås

“Solutions with care and excitement!”