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Our three companies Focus Engineering, Focus Construction and TS Reels (Focus Cable Equipment) have with success cooperated and served our respective clients to everybody’s satisfaction for many years.

But we want to do even better! Therefore, as of January 1st, our companies joined forces and formed Focus Group, a Norwegian supplier to the international Oil & Energy market. We also develop engineering and fabrication solutions to the Infrastructure and Aquaculture markets.

Our organization:

The logic behind this transformation – from three successful entities with diverse competencies into one strong and large group is quite simple: We just really want to deliver even better solutions to our clients!

For you as our client the changes will be only for the better: One close-knit group will be able to work smarter and more efficient. This means that an increased number of assignments can be solved in the same project – like a one-stop-shop! Our cooperating teams will be able to approach your problems in a more holistic manner, from identifying the technical challenges and possibilities to the actual design, fabrication and implementation.

We will work hard to improve our services without losing the values that have brought us to where we are today, so we promise to keep up our strong focus on developing a cost-efficient design and high-quality products.

Focus Group looks forward to help exploring your company’s future production possibilities. Our vision is to develop solutions with care and excitement and our winning formula is more than ever based on team efforts, cooperation and competence.